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Multifamily Property Painting Experts

Painting and restoring multifamily properties the right way requires experience, training and knowledge of various trades. Unlike many painting companies, who often outsource jobs like carpentry and roof work that need to be completed before painting, Sloan Painting and Designs takes care of all necessary repair and restoration work ourselves.

This helps us ensure that all the work is done properly, and it avoids unnecessary delays and added expenses from outside contractors. Our team includes tradespeople trained, licensed and insured to provide the highest quality services.

“I’ve been in the apartment business now for over 25 years, and I’ve never worked with a more professional paint contractor. I’ve had Sloan Painting & Designs paint 8 projects for me in Atlanta and Florida and they have all finished up on time and in budget with no surprises. Josh and his crews are excellent communicators and I get nothing but compliments about them from my on-site management teams. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Brian H. - Regional Project Manager - Gables Residential

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Customized Services For Any Location

As contractors serving all the states of the Southeast, our company is fully insured and licensed to perform work in a variety of locations. We can handle any insurance or licensing requirements your project may require, and we are accustomed to working with property
management companies, HOAs, large commercial clients and individual property owners.







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We’re Here to Make Your Job Easier

Our clients love working with us because we take care of everything on our end to keep them well-informed on a regular basis. Whether you have local permitting and code concerns, specific reporting requirements or just need a progress report, our team has the experience and know-how to handle it.

Experienced at Large Jobs, Difficult Jobs, Custom Projects and More

Multi-stage jobs, multi-story buildings, multiple locations, mixed use—these are no problem for Sloan Painting and Designs. We’re known for providing a thorough assessment of the property to ensure a smooth project. This can limit change orders during the project which typically would cause delays on milestones. We have the equipment, workforce and training to manage rough terrain, high-rises, difficult jobs and more.

How Can We Help You?

From complete site prep to the final finishing touches, we do everything with skill, professionalism and expert technique.

Interior & Exterior Painting

Interior and Exterior Paint

From complete site prep to the final finishing touches, we do everything with skill, professionalism and expert technique. We work in tandem with material suppliers to ensure proper application and longevity of use to the highest standards.


Pressure Washing

Pressure washing removes dirt, mold, mildew and staining to improve the look of bare concrete and prep surfaces for paint or stain. Our team is proficient at using high-pressure cleaning to revitalize exterior surfaces without damage.

Carpentry Work
& Repairs

Carpentry Work and Repairs

Our carpenters are highly skilled and can replace damaged wood, siding, Hardie plank, trim, fascia and soffits, and rebuild pergolas and fences. Whatever it takes to get your property looking back-to-new, our team can do it.

Waterproof, Seal & Floor Coating

Waterproofing/Sealant/Floor Coating

Waterproofing and sealants are essential to keeping water damage at bay. We can apply flashing and sealant where needed to block water from entering exterior surfaces, and we also apply floor coatings to beautify and seal.


Deck Coating

Specialty coatings like epoxy can extend the life of your deck. Adding a slip resistant aggregate finish can also make it safer to walk in in wet conditions. We can also apply traditional deck stain to accentuate, beautify and protect your wooden deck.

Gutter Repair & Restoration


Gutter and downspout repair are essential to proper drainage to ensure the integrity of your structure. We can restore your gutters so they look great and function exactly as they should.



Damaged and dirty roofs lower the curb appeal of your property and let in detrimental moisture and pests. Our roofing services include professionally cleaning and repairing roofs to eliminate damage and stop future degradation.


Site Consultations

Our site consultations give you a comprehensive view of what on your property needs to be updated. We inspect building by building, surveying necessary repairs and providing recommendations on how best to address any issues. We take a top to bottom approach to ensure nothing is missed or overlooked. Our goal is to bring your property to its finest condition.


Special Finishes

Lime wash can give a beautifully aged look to any brick surface while still maintaining a clean and modern feel. Our team is skilled at layering this coating to achieve varied levels of opacity and hue.

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