Closing the books on another successful project: Valencia at West Chase

It’s always a bittersweet feeling finishing a project. On one hand, we are happy to have finished another successful project with a great team leaving a property more beautiful than when we got there. On the other hand, we love our job so much that we are sad to have to say good bye to the project and the people that work on that property. This especially is the case for Venterra’s property- Valencia at Westchase. Their staff was amazing and incredibly helpful the entire time, which made a world of a difference in getting things done on schedule.

This will be our second time working on Valencia, and we felt right at home!

A little about Valencia at West Chase, Sloan Painting actually did work on this property a few years ago! We actually did our final walk 4 years and 1 day after the last one. It felt so good to be invited back to work with the awesome people of Venterra for this gorgeous property, spanning 13 buildings totaling in 312 units. We did exterior paint, dryer vents and stucco repair throughout the property. We began this property on 10/16/2020 and finished our final walk last week on 02/03/2020! Everything with this job was smooth from start to finish. We feel so blessed to have a strong team of people with a great work ethic and ability to communicate with each other for a seamless work flow. The photos below are the finished project!


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