Finishing out a beautiful Project, District West Gables

Miami is a melting pot for cultures spanning all over Latin America as well as north of Florida. It has music, food and events for any type of interests. We were lucky enough to be invited down there to beautify one of Waterton’s many gorgeous properties- District West Gables.

District West Gables is a 2 phase property with 2 gorgeous courtyards.

Although beautiful, the property did have its own set of challenges. The courtyards, for example- are accessible by elevator only, meaning there is no way to bring ladders in or lifts to paint from a conventional entrance. We were able to engineer a way to safely bring the ladders in by a pulley system developed by the owner, Josh Sloan. The results made all the effort worth while:

Another obstacle is that District West Gables faces out onto a very busy road, meaning we had to schedule road closures as well as be weary of numerous power lines.

Pictured is ludlam road, where you can see strings of power lines and how large and busy the street can get.

It was no challenge for our team however, as we were able to quickly adapt and change the plan of action in order to make this job work in accordance with City of Miami Guidelines. Once all hurdles were covered all was left was a gorgeous property beautifully seated in Miami. We hope the residents enjoy their new views as much as we enjoyed working on this property!

All in all, District West Gables has 206 units in each phase, which totals at 412 units for the whole property. We started this at the end of October and finished our final walk February 3rd. We love working with Waterton and have had such a great experience with the leasing office team over at the property as well. We look forward to continuing to do our part in improving the structural view of every city we visit and can’t wait for our next project!

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