Making Progress at Valencia at Westchase

Our team hard at work making improvements!

Checking in with a property we did actually did back in 2015 – Valencia at West Chase- we were invited back to update the paint job with elastomeric paint and to seal up the property due to water intrusion. We also are adding more industrial concrete stain to all the walk ways, patios and stairs and patching any stucco that needs it all along the way!

With 13 buildings and 144 units, this property boasts in size as much as it does beauty. It circles a pond where wildlife can come and snack, bathe, and dry off under the Florida sun.

The birds were quite active while taking this photo! It was equally terrifying as it was fun.

I can’t wait to see this property shine to its full potential once our job is done here, but for now enjoy some photos of this gorgeous property!

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