Coming Soon: Villas Continental

We’re so excited to be breaking ground at Villas Continental this week! This property has gorgeous bones, and with a little bit of TLC and a whole lot of paint, we are confident we can restore it to the golden years when it was the place to be in Jacksonville. A mixture of owners & renters, this property’s eclectic style and beautiful landscape shine all on its own. I’ve never seen elephant ear plants so big in my life! Driving in, felt like I’d stepped into a different world. The peaceful environment this property cultivates is amplified by the calming waters it borders.

This first row is the current paint job / status of the property. As you can see the structure of these buildings are absolutely beautiful.. and those roofs! Tuscany in the sun vibes all day —

We really have the best crews in the world, they take the time to ensure each job site is properly prepped, and organize themselves in an efficient matter to ensure optimum productivity.

If you’ve read this far, you deserve a little peak! Here are some of the properties with the new paint on them- we are in LOVE with the new color scheme. The white allows for the other strong colors- such as the roof and AMAZING/ HUGE plants- really stand out to create a perfect balance.

While this is a gorgeous property, there is a LOT of work to be done-metal repairs, roof repairs, brick repairs, stucco repairs, pressure washing, and paint- we expect this job to take around 3 months, weather permitting. I personally can’t wait to see this finished – and we hope you are just as excited! Until next time–


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