Gables Midtown: Making Waves

Recently we took on the job of repainting a property with great bones. All it needed was a nice paint job and we were happy to provide that!

As you can see above, the property has beautifully tall structures with beautiful landscapes and accents. All it needed was a more modern color scheme to bring out its true potential.

Although its breathtaking, there are some areas in this property that required additional innovation to access. This was no problem for our team and Owner, Josh Sloan. He is a pro problem solver, and shines most when sorting out a logistics issue with a solution that is as efficient as it is cost effective.

With a combination of lifts, ladders, and our custom made scaffolding system which allows for minimal damage to the building while providing a space efficient work space. A genius idea if we say so ourselves!

Overall, we’re making quick progress on this job and excited to see how the finished product turns out. We hope to finish this job in the next month.



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