Mock ups and More at the Reserve at Johns Creek Walk

When beginning a project, it’s a big commitment to choose a color scheme. Some companies will do digital mock ups, where they edit an image of a building to have proposed color ways for the property. When you’re looking a a 300+ unit property, so many factors come to play here. Landscaping, weather patterns, and even building design can all have a big impact on how a color scheme will look. With such a monumental decision we find that on site mock ups are the most effective. On site mockups give context to the colors in the setting of the community. A good color scheme should be complimentary to every part of the building, blend well with its surroundings while still standing out amongst other neighboring properties. We’ve begun mock ups at The Reserve at Johns Creek Walk, where we’re testing a cooler color palette from the previous warm tones.



Looking at this building, the right side is the new color scheme, and the left is the old. We also did the interior breezeways mock up.


The photos with the blue door are the new colors. You can see here we would also be updating the ceiling to a darker color. As much as putting a fresh coat of paint would be easy often jobs like this come with an additional scope. A critical part of the longevity of these buildings is updating any damage, minor or major, when a project like this is done. Taking a step back and look at these buildings, they have been maintained well and seem to be in great shape.


With a little experience and a trained eye, it’s a little easier to spot areas in need of improvement.

the railings a repaint.


Luckily, these are are very small and fixable issues.When managing a property like this, its important to know these things happen with time and are essentially unavoidable. Although it’s important to hire someone with experience to repair to ensure the repair is done well. That’s where we come in. The scope of this project is as follows:


  • Full Exterior Paint
  • Carpentry Repair
  • Replace Gable Windows with Louvered Vents
  • Replace dormer windows with hardy panelin
  • Stucco Repair
  • Pressure Wash, tuck point and paint exterior brick
  • Patio/balcony repairs and sealants
  • Breezeway Floor Paint
  • NP1 (or like sealant) to all 2nd and 3rd floor wall perimeters
  • Metal Stairs, Handrails, and fencing
  • Sidewalk and Concrete Repairs
  • Concrete flat work pressure wash
  • Gutter, downspouts and drains
  • Exterior Lighting

We look forward to plugging away at this and seeing the minor improvements make a big impact for the residents in this community. We are loving the updated color scheme and can’t wait to see it on all the buildings!