Getting Started at Bower Westside

We’re starting a new project with Bower Westside- stucco repair.

We typically do this repair on a lot of our stucco properties as stucco has a tendency over time to crack and fail just like most facades on a building. This particular building, has some significant amounts of deferred maintenance regarding the stucco.

As a result, this will be one of the largest stucco repair jobs we have taken on to date. We’re confident with our team and our experience that this will be a successful project, and we look forward to seeing it through. Due to the extensiveness of the repairs, we expect this project to take around 6 months.


Here are some pictures of our team taking the first section of the building on to really dig in on what needs to be done. We had an engineer come by on Tuesday to check everything out and make sure everything was good to go regarding our plan for repair. It has since been approved and we’ve continued to make progress!