Putting in work at REVL100

We’re back in the swing of things as the season springs into action! (See what I did there?) We’ve had a lot things going on over the past season but are so excited to hare with you what we’ve been up to. First, Peaks at Bells Ferry- now named REVL 100 is making a bright turn of atmposphere by switching to cool blues/comfy greys.  Our crew starts bright and early every weekday to get a head start on the massive undertaking of these jobs.


Working on the paint job for this has been so much fun and seeing how the scheduling of us has helped the property schedule additional upgrades gives us a ton of excitement in the regards to the future of this property.

Our team is great with attention to detail and making sure every imperfection can be rectified- hand caulking all the joints in the walls.      We’re looking at around 50% completion with hopes to finish the project in the month. Check out the photos from this week to see how much progress we’ve made!


all photos ©DV Photo Video www.dvphotovideo.com

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