Villas Continental: Then and Now

When we first approached this property, we started to realize quickly there was a lot of work to be done. The roof tiles were failing, and the property had many issues through out signifying a desperate call for a face lift. As with most Venterra properties, we could tell the amount of potential it had despite being neglected for a couple years. We got right to work!

Little by little, building by building, we slowly saw this community transform into its full potential. Bright, clean and welcoming for new residents and current residents alike. We removed a large pergola as well as did wood replacement & stucco throughout the property where needed. The results made this property the premiere spot in the area for new residents!

We are really proud of this property and have become very big fans of Jacksonville as a place to live. With its stunning landscape and warm weather, whats not to love?

We look forward to watching the property thrive now that crucial repairs were made. It just shows how much of a huge difference you can make for your residents with a little effort. Until next time, Jacksonville!

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