1160: Another Great Project in the Books

We’re on a roll over here finishing projects for residents to enjoy just in time for the holidays. Today we want to celebrate another job well done by our crews over at 1160 Hammond Dr.


1160 is a  mid-rise style multi-family building that has 1 pool centered interior courtyard. Comprising of 345 units, this property built in 2014 was built and maintained well. But as time is every building’s foe, this one did need a slight facelift. Here is our base scope for this job:

Base Scope: 1160 Hammond

  1. Exterior Prep, prime and paint per Sherwin-Williams Scope
  2. Gutter Tune Up
  3. Window and Balcony Sealant where needed
  4. Pocket holes of railings filled

As we’ve covered before, sometimes with projects like these, our clients become inspired to tackle some other to do’s while we are there. That is no problem for Sloan Painting, as we pride ourselves on being flexible and efficient.

Additional Items Added:

  1. pressure wash brick & pool deck
  2. Rowlock Flashing where needed
  3. Paint light poles at Pool Area

We started this project on 7/18/2022 and finished 10/20/2022. Our estimated time for this project was 90 calendar  days and we came in at 83 days. 

We had a lot of access challenges with this project being that it is close in proximity to all surrounding buildings, as well as Hammond Drive,  a very busy street. We utilized boom lifts access hard to reach areas with ease:




This also meant removing the resident dog park and fencing so the boom lift could be driven tho that area of the building. We were able to place everything back in the dog park and have it looking refreshed and ready for use. We’re very proud of our guys for all their hard work on this project, and looking forward to more like these in the future.

Check out some of our before and afters!