Emory Point Phase 2: All Wrapped up

We’ve come to a close on the second phase of Emory Point! We’re excited that the residents of this community can now fully enjoy the building while also having security against any weather that may come through. Built in 2012, this property has 6 buildings split into 2 phases.Overlook, Tower, and Point building are Phase 1.Sky, Park, and Preserve building are phase 2.Phase 1 exterior was recently updated in 2018. Phase 2 has 2 bridges, a parking garage, retail , and 2 pool deck courtyards. There are a total of 750 Units in both phases of these mid-rise style buildings.

As a recap, here was our base scope(residential buildings only unless otherwise indicated):
  1. Exterior Pressure wash, prep and paint per scope
  2. Apply Sealant to windows
  3. Clean Exterior Windows
  4. Gutter Repair
  5. Carpentry Repair
  6. Stucco Repair
  7. Reseal joint covers on roof
  8. Fill pocket holes of railings
  9. Paint Parking Garage Walls
  10. Paint Parking Garage Ceilings
  11. Paint Parking Garage Stairwells


As with all project of this size, although we try our best to avoid change orders, we are always prepared to pivot on a moments notice in order to adapt to a newer scope . Here are some change orders we ended up having once the project started to progress:

Change Orders:
  • Balcony Repairs
  • Stucco Repair at Parking Garage
  • pressure wash awnings

Additionally, There was water damage to 5 units and we repaired them as an emergency repair. That included:

Emergency Water Damage Repair:
  • Moved all personal items/furniture to area and cover to be protected from work being performed.
  • Repair sheetrock at all damaged areas ( R&R 8 sheets, 192 Sq. Ft. ) Tape, mud, sand and prime.
  • Baseboard and shoe mold ( R&R 3,940 Lf. ) Apply baseboard and shoe mold, prep, caulk, and prime.
  • Vinyl Flooring ( R&R 2,300 Sq Ft. ) Remove existing glue and debris, Clean floors, prep floor, and install new. NOTE – flooring material was expedited per specifications due to the emergency of getting these units back on line.
  • Prep, prime and paint full unit ( all walls, ceilings, trim, and doors ).
  • Electrical/HVAC/Appliance inspection was performed to include changing out all faulty/water damaged bulbs, re-install all pendant light tracks and chandeliers, replaced faulty Eaton 15A AFCI, 3GU24, 5GU24, Faulty Thermostats and control boards and faulty/water damaged smoke alarms.
  • Full clean of the units.
  • Note – Our crews also helped some of the residents put back some of their furniture.


Lastly, Emory Point is surrounded by beautiful trees and sits near an easement on the back end. On the other side is a very busy road- Clifton rd. This road neighbors CDC on the other side. Both of these facts mean one thing: Emory is a hard to access job for a scope like this. Luckily- we’re a creative bunch over here and utilized our tools such as scaffolding, boom lifts, and lane closures to get the job done swiftly. We originally planned for this to take 172 calendar days. Even with all the changes to scope, we completed it in 130 calendar days from 04/06/2022 to 09/10/2022. Well done team! We’re so proud of our crew and all their hard work. It’s finally paid off we couldn’t be more pleased.


Here are some before and after photos for you to enjoy: