Emory Point : Phase 2 is Finishing Up

Busy season is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still as effective and efficient for our projects. Emory Point Phase 2 has been trucking along and last week we had to do one of the most high pressure areas of the building: Clifton Road. Normally for a building this size, we can support the lift and go on the sidewalk. As you can see here, that wouldn’t work due to the trees creating quite the obstacle. We applied for a lane closure with Dekalb county, and have continued moving forward with the project. Moments like these, every second matters as we want to cause as little disturbance as possible to not only the residents, but surrounding demographics. Bearing this in mind helps not only the property managers have a smoother experience, but their neighbors as well. This particular property is mixed use, so instead of being 100% residential, the entire bottom level is  retail, made up mostly of local and family owned businesses. These businesses rely on the exposure to Clifton road and ease of access in order to operate at a profitable rate. Blocking lanes and having a lift in front of their storefront can impact that greatly, so we will work as much as possible to ensure this part of the project goes as quickly and smoothly as we can. In the end, we’re here to help the community around us and strive make the experience of everyone involved, directly or indirectly, a positive one. Check out some action shots of us prepping the space below: