1160 : Creative Problems Require Creative Solutions

It’s safe to say an ideal project is straightforward, easy and quick. We all know though, the reality is none of those things can be the case. Sloan Painting prides itself on our problem solving attitude that allows us to tackle any obstacle with creativity and a little bit of thinking outside of the box. A lot of times, these large developments end up bordering a busy street. It’s not always feasible to block a lane of traffic- and even then sometimes that solution doesn’t quite reach the goal of completing the project. Enter the hero of our projects: boom lifts! These amazing machines can lift us as high as 135′ in the air, allowing us to cover these buildings in paint from head to toe. The range goes up, down, side to side with a relatively small footprint. With proper support, these guys can go on just about any terrain- even sidewalks. Check out some photos of the boom lift in action at 1160: