Bell Vinings: Hitting the Ground Running

When you get in a body of water, do you typically dip your toes in first, or are you an all in jump in the water type? We definitely consider ourselves in the latter category😅. With Bell Vinings, there are a lot of areas that are considered “hard to reach”. For some companies, the execution of reaching these areas may seem like a daunting task. Thanks to our experience and creativity, its just another Tuesday for Sloan Painting & Designs. We started at their courtyard, which frames a beautiful pool. We had 3 different forms of mobilization in use to reach each and every spot for the exterior paint.

Reachcraft- This is a form of scaffolding we use to reach areas we can’t get with a boom lift or ladder safely.

Boom Lift

Ladder- sometimes the simplest solution is the best!


We’re off to a very productive start on this project, and look forward to watching it blossom with time!