Emerson Isles: Refined and Ready to Go

We recently finished a project in Bluffton, South Carolina. Centrally located between Savannah, GA, and Hilton Head Island SC, Emerson Isles is a perfect quiet spot to settle in. With 280 units spread across 24 buildings, this property is a great size. All the buildings are 2 stories with outdoor breezeways. To add to the quiet living experience, they also have a leasing office overlooking a large pool, a tennis court, dog park  and 2 outdoor pavilions.

What really sets this place apart, other than the fresh paint job, is the screened in porches. In the humid and hot south, a screen in porch in the summer will drastically change your outdoor experience.


We started this property on 10/15/2021 and finished it 04/22/2022, which excluding holidays and weekends is just under 6 months. The scope was as follows:


  • Pressure Wash and Paint per scope – This includes:
    • 25 Buildings
    • Breezeways at each building
    • 1 Office
    • 1 Shop & Wood Fence
    • 2 Pavilions
    • 1 Compactor AreaZ
  • Paint Balcony and Breezeway Floors (Re-screen Balconies where needed)

We had a lot of fun taking on this project and working with Aspen Square Management. Their team works together so well to execute a strategy for achieving a truly polished look towards the completion of these projects.