AMLI Ponce Park : Colorful and bright

We went back to AMLI: Ponce park last month to repaint the hallways in buildings 1 and 4. We did all floors, walls, ceiling and trim including the residential doors. Additional areas were the mail room, and the package center. We love the color scheme of this place. While everyone is doing neutrals and grays, AMLI brings a fresh feel to the apartment hallway sight lines with bright blues and greens. Set with a backdrop of the historic Masquerade Park, the colors compliment the vibrancy of city life. What really makes AMLI stand apart for me is their enthusiasm for our environment and promoting a symbiotic relationship with its residents and the pollinators living just outside. They have several gardens with informative cards showing who lives there, and what flowers they like. Overall, AMLI is an innovator in the multi-family residential community. Check out some photos of the interior hallays below.

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