Back at it again… AAA Tradeshow 2018!

Putting up Samples at Gables
April 25, 2018
Finished Up at Post Riverside
June 14, 2018
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We're back and better than ever! the AAA tradeshow this year was SO MUCH FUN! We had tons of goodies and a new set up..

The beautiful, kind and magnificent princess Helena (aka Ariel) !

Let me just tell you how effective of a marketing strategy bringing this gorgeous royal amoungst us mere peasants.

First of all, who can resist this smile ?

I'll go ahead an answer that for you.

No one!

Not a single person on this entire planet (Ok, ok, at this trade show) could resist the captivating and inspiring presence Helena brings with her smile and warm energy. Every time someone turned the corner I would call out with a smile and that would only slightly catch their interest, but once they saw Helena peering from behind the banner with some candy and a smile it was game over; like a fish to bait– they were hooked. What was so wonderful to watch was how their expression would light up seeing such a fresh and friendly face .


This yielded a contagious positive energy that made the day go by so quickly and smoothly and raised the popularity of our group to the point that we ran out of pens! (If you’ve ever been to a trade show you know there is never a shortage of pens… lol) Ultimately though, I was so glad because between me and you we’ve had those pens forrrrr everrrrr. So it was nice to hand out the last one! After a few hours of princess Helena being the best trade show buddy ever, we took a walk around and checked out the other booths. We found one that had a mirror photo booth (SO COOL) where you can sign your name at the end, and look at this magic!

We also found a booth that was a LEGIT Alice in Wonderland “tea party set up” so obviously at that point we just HAD to have a photo shoot.

Okay, so maybe this kid is the most photogenic person I know or maybe I just love her a lot but either way we had a TON of fun, made a lot of new friends, and got a lot of candy for her to share with her brothers back home!

Here are some more candid moments :

We feel so honored and blessed to be at the point that we can do fun activities like this while also getting to know people that are integral parts of the Atlanta Apartment community. We can’t wait until next year!

We’re back and better than ever! the AAA tradeshow this year was SO MUCH FUN! We had tons of goodies and a new set up..