Finished Up at Post Riverside

We’re so happy to report we just finished a massive paint project over at Post Riverside! If the name sounds familiar, it is because we did half of the property last year (the commercial end with the shops and leasing office ) as you can see below to refresh your memory:

It was such a good time, we came back for more! This time was the residential side of things behind the gated entrance and there were a lot more buildings… which took a lot more paint! What I love about this property is it seems no two buildings are a like, each has different size units and structures and SOME are stand alone units!! Almost like a house within an apartment complex!! So you get the privacy of your own home, and the benefits of using all the amenities… pretty sweet deal if you ask me .

2 months and tons of paint later this property is finally of the level of its residents: TOP NOTCH. We look forward to allowing the residents to appreciate and enjoy their newly painted homes just in time for this beautiful summer in Georgia!


Until Next Time,

Anmarie Smith


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