Final Walk at Briarhill

This week we wrapped up massive project over at Briarhill Apartments- we had such a good time with this project and it is bittersweet for us! We’re so happy to see how beautiful the project turned out but will miss working with the amazing staff over there. Our final walk started on a cold February morning and went really well. The buildings all were painted nicely and looked refreshed. When we originally stepped foot on the property it was in desperate need of a face lift. With some hard work and a fresh coat of paint, through the snow and the rain we prevailed and it resulted in a gorgeously painted property. Check out some photos from our walk below.



After the walk we celebrated a job well done with Moe’s!It was a yummy lunch and a great way to cap off a long project!



We’re so excited to see the plans come to life that the wonderful staff has for this property and are proud to be able to lay down the foundation of the start of a bright future for them.



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