Lime Wash Before & Afters

This week we revisted some of the Lime Wash jobs we’ve been lucky enough to do in the past few years and talk about nostalgia!

We stopped at this home and dug up this before photo:

And after revisiting we’re happy to say the finish is still holding beautifully! We also did interior beams for this one- check out the photos below!


anotherone we stopped by for is this beautiful ranch home- The Lime wash really gave it the face lift it needed !

Here is the front of the house- curb appeal DEFINITELY improved!

A close up so you can see further detail on the brick- loving the detail work we did here.

As you walk around the side, there is a beautiful gate which stands out more due to the subtle tones of the lime wash. The whole area has a new life thanks so this finish !

And of course the back patio is looking much more inviting and that pop of color really stands out on against the lime wash brick!


We love seeing the transformations we can make happen with such high quality ROMA Bio Paint. It’s painting season here in Georgia and we look forward to more lime wash projects!

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