Finishing Up at Berkeley Heights

Its always bitter sweet finishing up at a property. We’re always happy to see a job finished on time or early, but love our jobs so much we are sad to see it go!

For this project, we did interior paint. We also added 1×4 beams through out the entire hallway ceiling on each floor- it totaled up to 900 1x4s!

We also painted the floors, doors, walls trim, and stair railings! All in all it was 6 floors, a whopping 8,000 lnft of walls and 4,000 lnft of floors! Thats a lot of paint.

One thing we had to keep in mind here, unlike our typical exterior projects we were working in areas that the residents frequented. We here at Sloan Painting & Designs, Inc. prioritize not only the safety of our clients but the residents and our employees as well. This is why we provided our entire team with face masks so they could do their job safely as well as allow the residents to pass by safely on the way to their home.

Now, this property has come a LONG way since when we visited back in January- check out these before photos!

Overall, We think the new color scheme fits the modern elegance of Berkely Heights a lot better. We used high quality epoxy paint so we know it will last for years to come! If only walls could talk- I think they’d be singing our praises right now! Here is a side by side comparisons so you can see just how much of a difference we made . They also upgraded all the light fixtures ! We’re scheduled to also come back and add more slip resistant material at entry ways and high traffic areas.

Please enjoy the rest of the images of this awesome project!

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