Spring Valley Club: Now The Lory of Panama City

Formerly known as Spring Valley Club, the Lory of Panama City is looking crisp! We originally came through in 2017 and did a complete color change for Balfour Beaty. Unfortunately, hurricane Michael hit and we were asked to come back. When we returned, we did another exterior paint job  as well as repairs from hurricane damage. Built in 1986, you really cant tell this property is approaching 40 years old. The property has 160 units and all building are 2 stories. This paint project went rather quick. We started and finished the project within a couple months. Check out some photos of the finished product below.

In conclusion, straight forward projects like these go so fast because our team is so efficient. We are so grateful for each and every opportunity we have to beautify the buildings in Panama City. The landscape is already so beautiful there, so it is really about making the properties match the already beautiful location. What are some of your favorite places to visit in Florida? We’d be interested to know! We have done several properties in Florida spanning from Miami, to Jacksonville,  to Panama City Beach.

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